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East Vineyard 2007

Cabernet Franc

Laleure Wines

The wines we make at Laleure all come from grapes grown on the property. We feel that this enables us to control all asapects of quality from the ground into the bottle.

Cabernet Franc

Our Cabernet Franc is the favorite for lovers of big red wines. Aged in American oak barrels for a minimum of 2 years, it is powerful yet smooth with plenty of dark berry fruit.


Laleure makes a wide variety of chardonnays. Earlier vintages were aged in American oak. Our 2005 vintage remains a favorite for those who love a buttery finish along with a fair amount of oak flavor. Our later vintages have migrated to part French and part American oak barrels(2009) and our 2010 100% French oak with a customized profile. Since it was such a good vintage, we finished part of it in stainless steel to leave a very crisp, green apple chardonnay.

Pinot Noir

Laleure Pinot is changing as we move towards new winemaking technique. We continue to strive to maintain a strong presence of fruit, typically bright cherry. Our 2010 will be released soon, and we hope you will really love it. So far the barrel samples form our new French oak indicate great promise.


Riesling at Laleure is a favorite. It generally has a bit over 1% residual sugar, just enough to balance the acid. Lots of fruit!